The ranch of 30 000 acres is idyllically set at the foot of the Klein Waterberg Mountain, which is on a high mesa dominating the surrounding countryside. The abundance of water and vegetation attracts the game in this semi-arid region. Take pleasure in the daily fascinating game drives on an open vehicle, through the ever-changing landscape. The multitude and variety of game will impress the hunter and the non-hunting observer. There are Eland, Roan antelope, Sable, Giraffe, Zebra, the very rare Black-faced impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Damara Dik-Dik, Warthog, Nyala and Lechwe to name just a few of the animals that you can observe from the hunting vehicle, or from the hides at the waterholes on the ranch. The feeling of unspoilt nature and freedom, which can only be found in a few places these days, will leave you with memories of a hunt which you will enjoy for a very long time.

Because of the great number of game, and the cover that the rocks and dense bush provide, there is a healthy population of resident Leopard, Brown hyena and Cheetah moving through the area. This hunt requires patience and good physical condition, and is an experience for the avid hunter.


In the evening you can enjoy your sundowner and dinner under a thatch roof, around a comfortable fireplace. The kitchen offers tasty Namibian-South African cuisine. The local venison is a real treat for your taste buds. After an adventurous day, you can let the day fade away with a cool drink – and, with a little luck, you will be able to observe game at the waterhole next to the fireplace. We will ensure that you have an enjoyable, comfortable hunt without any stress. Take your time and enjoy a memorable hunting experience. We, as your hosts, are looking forward to your visit.


What footprint will you leave?


Daily Rates

Plains game

US Dollars

1 X 1 Hunter

$375.00 per Hunter per Day

1 X 2 Hunters

$300.00 per Hunter per Day

 Non-Hunting Companion

 $ 130.00 per Hunter per Day 

Daily rates include:  Daily rates exclude 

• Transport to and from Windhoek

International airport

• All accomodation, meals & beverages

(alcoholic beverages in moderation)

• Laundry service

• Professional hunter, trackers & skinners

• Hunting vehicles

• Field preporation of trophies

• Transportation of trophies to our forwarding agents or taxidermist 

• Accomodation prior to & after the safari

• Charter or other flights to & from hunting areas

• Trophy fees

• Hire of firearms & ammo

• Dipping, packing & shipping fees of trophies to overseas destinations

• Tanning mounting or other taxidermy proceses

• Gratuities

• 15% Value added tax (vat) on daily rates 

Trophy fees

Trophy US Dollars Trophy US Dollars
Leopard (a) (c)  Price on request  Cheetah (b) (c)   2,500.00 
Angolan Impala (black faced) *  2,050.00  Common Impala   660.00 
Southern Eland  1,950.00  Greater Kudu *  1,100.00 
Gemsbok (Oryx) *  650.00  Black Wildebeest  1,200.00 
Cape Hartebeest  850.00   Waterbuck 2,950.00 
 Southern Roan Antelope Price on request  * All Non-Trophy Animals  less 50% 
Bird Shooting (License)   50.00  Brown Hyaena   2,000.00 
Burchell’s Zebra *   850.00 Klipspringer   1150.00 
Blesbok    550.00 Springbok   520.00 
Duiker     420.00  Warthog 450.00 
Giraffe   1,600.00  Damara Dik-Dik  1,350.00 
Jackal   100.00  Caracal   200.00 
Sable Price  on request  Baboon   50.00 

Terms & Conditions

Charges start and end at Windhoek Airport or point of pick up. Your booking should be made as early as possible.

To enable us to confirm your booking, a deposit of $1000.00 has to be paid. This amount will be refunded if you should want to cancel your Safari at least three months before the date of your scheduled hunt.

All Leopard, Sable and Roan hunts are booked as 10 day hunts. Entry for normal hunting firearms/ammo is quick and easy at airportafter arrival. The serial numbers will be checked on arrival and departure. Hunting rifles are also available from outfitter. Rifles should be booked in advance and ammunition is for the account of the client.

Pistols will be refused entry into Namibia.

US Citizens and Europeans do not currently require visa.

Wounded animals must be paid as they are considered taken.

(a) Chances for Leopard are fair at best.

(b) Cheetahs are common but chances are poor.

(c) Cheetah, Hyena and Leopard require Cites import permits.  


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